How do I work

I give solutions to your problems and turn your doubts into ideas!

I start every project in the same way:,…asking GOOD questions!!

I offer a personalized approach, I will be dedicated to YOUR project and will be your only partner, from first contact, during the different project stages and also after your site is fully running.
I promise realistic terms to guarantee quality meetings during all process. I follow up every deadline to reach your project goals.

My goal is to think how users do,because a wesite is not only for the customer but for the users who will surf in it, so shoud have a captivating design that makes them feel comfortable.

My attention, detail orientation, passion and creativity, where it all comes from, turns into excellent results!.

Elegant, clear, dynamic, visual…that was the way I wanted my web and Michele has totally get it right. His excellent eficacy and his advices have made possible to design the web in the expected time. It has been a pleasure to work together.
Helena Nicolau - physical therapist
Michele has been of great help for my blog. I am impatiently waiting for you to come back to ask for your useful professional advices. Thank you for all your work.
Alfons Canovas - blogger with more than 5 milions of users
From start to end, Michele has shown great competence and professionalism in his area, offering me advises adapted to my expectations and goals.
Annamaria Stella - psychologist
It has been a pleasure to trust Michele Sforza for creating and designing my web about magic. His attentive manner, personal rapport and eficacy have exceeded my expectations, and so his promptness to propose new brilliant ideas that fitted the web objectives I had in mind. I would also highlight his orientation for details, which finally gave more quality to final design. Personally, I’m excited with my new website
Paul Henry - magician
Michele is passionate about his work and a great professional. During the process of creating and building the web, where many don’t find an answer to unexpected obstacles, he always has a solution within reach. And not only that, he makes proposals that exceed the initial ones, going further in every step. He is a highly recommendable provider, for his technical knowledge and for his responsability and excellent deal.
Miguel Ángel Tavera - Storyhunter and Director
Michele’s contribution to our library has been profitable, representing a launch path for our business internationally thanks to his professionalism and availability to solve our doubts anytime.
Silvio & Simonetta Gesuele - Arcadia Library
My professional relationship with Michele Sforza has been very pleasant and profitable. It has been very useful to count on his help for solving different issues in his knowledge field and he has always been available and attended my professional requirements. He is a very hard-working, resolutive and polite, I keep a good memory of him. Thank you.
Josep Maria Infantes